Tiffy Cakes Desserts
Los Angeles, CA
Bakery, Desserts
Tiffani grew up baking desserts and cakes with her Mom who taught her how to have fun in the
kitchen through baking. She also emphasizes how joy and love are key ingredients to making a
delicious dessert. Her love for baking grew out of learning to bake with her mother as a kid,
which was also at the time that she began to dream of having her own bakery.
Around 2014,Tiffani began to make desserts on her own and experiment with cake decorations.
Her love of baking has grown since then and led her to create Tiffycakes in 2018. Her Motto is
is: “Goodies for the mind, body and spirit!”
Everything she makes is with love and her goal is for customers to feel the love she has for her
work after tasting one of the variety of recipes available through Tiffycakes.
Originally, Tiffycakes exclusively sold desserts made using her Momma’s famous banana
pudding recipe, yet gradually she has developed other dessert recipes, and new approaches to
cake decorations. In addition to her current recipes and existing approaches to cake designs,
Tiffycakes is always seeking to collaborate on new dessert ideas and designs.
Thank you to professional photographer Jesyka White for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.