Sun Belly Foods
Holistic, Plant Based
Ośunkoya Chavon is a holistic chef who believes food is medicine and the key to healing so much around us. Outside of her work with SEE-LA, the largest mission-driven operator of farmers’ markets in Southern California on their new Food Business Accelerator, Chavon coordinates her own special events around healing food traditions and practices that foster community strength and sustainability. She's hosted dozens of initiatives in collaboration with urban farms, healthy local restaurants, food justice organizations and more to spread access to healthy lifestyles and food literacy.
She draws her culinary inspiration from generations of healing traditions within West Indian,  Latin, and Southern cuisines. From the farmers' markets with her family as a girl to her current kitchen cooking for potlucks with friends, food is is her way of continuously reconnecting to the colorful cultures that dressed her childhood. Always keeping culture and tradition in mind, Ośunkoya commits herself to fostering more nourishing and sustainable relationships with the land, the animals, the people, and their bodies. With SunBelly, she intends to help others reclaim these healthier and vibrant relationships she now enjoys. 
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