She Imagined Sweets is a black woman-owned business in Orange, New Jersey Founded by Zuirrae Mitchell. She Imagined Sweets provides one of a kind bite-sized Cheesecakes.
My Sweet Journey started as a toddler in my high-chair always wanting my food to be placed neatly and always having my eyes on beautiful desserts. I attended The French Culinary Institute in order to dive deep and go after my passion of creating the perfect desserts. My passion and imagination of beautiful culinary experiences has been the driving force behind my delicious bite-sized cheesecakes.
My mission is to solve the problem of portion control while providing high quality desserts to the dessert industry. My bite-sized cheesecakes are unique in their texture, size and quality. They are small in size but very rich in flavor. I have always expressed the importance of having enough crust when it comes to a well-made dessert. With 35% crust and 65% cheesecake my bite-sized cheesecakes are one in a million an enjoyed by many. I have made my mark in the Tri-State area with my gourmet bite-sized cheesecakes and continue to further my reach. They have been enjoyed by traveling performance companies like Shen Yun Performing Arts, The Fashion Industry featured She Imagined Sweets for New York Fashion week and they are present at endless birthdays, weddings and intimate events within the community.
Enter the world of She Imagined Sweets and order your box of bite-sized cheesecakes today!
Thank you to professional photographer Michael Difeo for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.
Thank you to professional videographer Armando Demarchi for donating your time and talent providing the video for this business.