Po'Shines Cafe De La Soul
8139 N Denver Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Monday: 10AM-3PM Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM-8PM
Sunday: Closed 
Po’ Shines was inspired by a wonderful man named Cecil Wooden, nicknamed Po’ Shine, by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Mr. Tom Bradley. One of Cecil’s desires was to get fried fish from a local restaurant that had a purpose and provided an excellent product.
Celebration Tabernacle (CT) launched Po’ Shines to be a catalyst for underprivileged and disadvantaged youth. They needed a second chance at life. Located in the heart of Kenton. CT developed its work readiness and culinary arts programs out of the need to provide job skills to meet the demands of today’s economic challenges.
CT has a select number of high performing graduates from various colleges and culinary arts training program. The management reports to the board of CT for project approval, and strategic planning to successfully run a restaurant, concessions and catering business
Thank you to professional photographer Chelsea Cole for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.