I am Shermaine Johnson, owner of
Night Owl Vegan
. My happiest memories where cleaning the house with my Grandma on Sunday morning with the curtains blowing in the breeze and the good smells of whatever she was cooking.  Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Rice & Beans, Fried Fish & Spaghetti all made me a very happy child, which started my love of cooking and the joy of sharing happiness with food.
14 years ago, I began my journey with type 2 diabetes.  My experiences with increasing dosages of medication, a decrease in my quality of life and the lack of choices for healthy food in my community urged me to find a better way to live.  I discovered the healing benefits of a plant-based way of eating and it saved my life. As a result, I have lived as a vegan and medicine for almost a decade. 
Once I understood the power of eating healthier and the impact it had on illness, I had to share the knowledge with my community.  What better way to honor the legacy of my Grandmother, (who was also a diabetic) by going back to basics and honoring the land by creating amazing food.
This year is our 10th anniversary.  NaturallySweet Desserts (vegan bakery) and Night Owl Vegan (weekly vegan meal plan delivery service) were created to provide healthy, healing and delicious plant-based cuisine to encourage our communities to eat more plants and be empowered to make informed choices about their health and their power to improve it.
Thank you to professional photographer Matthew N Kashtan for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.