Co-owners Nancy Alvarez and Shannon Smith didn't always enjoy drinking coffee. In fact, they only tolerated drinking the coffee at the office because they needed the caffeine kick to start off their day. On the weekends, they started experimenting at home with different brewing methods, roasts and coffee from different regions. They continued to learn while their palate evolved. That’s what inspired them to create Monster Coffee Roasters, their desire to bring a richer coffee experience to everyone. Their business’s name was inspired by their zombie looking co-workers that were half-asleep before becoming human again after they had their morning brew.
Monster Coffee Roasters is an online specialty coffee store. They offer exceptional single origin coffee sourced from all over the world. They also provide house-crafted blends that have been meticulously created to provide an experience that awakens the senses. Each coffee bag is roasted and ground to order right before it ships straight to customers. Within a single sip you will taste the difference in what makes them unique.
They are a LGBTQ+ Black and Latinx women-owned business competing in a very male-dominated field. They are not only trying to break into the coffee industry but also fighting for visibility and representation that is often missed.
Thank you to professional photographer Jessica Torres for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.