Danielle Bennet, Owner
“This doesn't taste how it did the last time”
Bartenders hate to hear this in response to the glass of perfection they moments earlier sent out into the world. Luckily, consistency is no stranger to mixologist extraordinaire Danielle Bennett. The Southern California native is steadily mastering the art of concocting drinks that taste as good as they look. Danielle’s bartending journey began in 2009. She quickly became a customer favorite while being a staple Los Angeles nightlife scene. By 2014 Danielle decided it was time to be her own boss and took her show on the road, literally. Lady On The Rocks, a premier mobile bartending company was born. LOTR combines unmatched customer service and visually stunning presentation with a unique array of signature libations.
From cheek-puckering, deliciously tangy and sweet
“Pineapple Express”
, to the tequila-based
“Sunset Strip”
, with pomegranate and blood orange notes reminiscent of heavenly hues. Lady On The Rocks delivers elegance in a glass with a drink for every preference. And who wouldn't want to taste a classically styled margarita with an ultra smooth cognac twist quite aptly named 
“Henn’ Rita”?
In addition to cenikor drinks, LOTR mobile bartending services offer clientele fruit infused ice cubes and popsicles, dry ice presentations, and custom layered drinks that bring the ultimate bartending experience to your home, office, or private event.
Danielle now has a dedicated, hard-working team of individuals who have helped expand her mobile services throughout Southern California and have service Depends for some of your favorite entertainment personalities, government dignitaries, and corporate Partners. Don't look for Danielle Bennett or Lady On The Rocks to slow down anytime soon, it's a long journey on the road to success. 
Thank you to professional photographer Jesyka White for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.