Crystal's Kitchen
Los Angeles, CA
Crystal’s Kitchen is a black and woman owned vegan pop up that specializes in vegan soul food and comfort food. Their owner Crystal Jackson is from Tampa Fl but moved two years ago to LA to pursue her career as a movement artist and choreographer. While Crystal is still working as a professional movement artist, she’s found that Crystal’s Kitchen brings her so much joy as well. She loves taking some of her favorite soul food recipes she grew up on and making them vegan. Crystal always makes it clear that though the pop up is 100% vegan she’s not. If she had to say she’d say 80% of her diet is plant based depending on the day. More than anything she eats intuitively and does her best to keep the majority of her meals plant based. She believes that balance is key. 
Thank you to professional photographer Marlin Salazar for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.