Blondery is a direct-to-consumer virtual bakery that specializes in a distinctive collection of handmade blondies inspired by generosity. Founded by professional pastry chef Auzerais Bellamy, Blondery reflects her passion for making the perfect blondie and making her profession a better place for women and people of color. Baked to order in Brooklyn and shipped nationwide, Blondery solves the essential question of what to give when you want a unique and delicious gift for yourself or others any time of year.  
Auzerais spent 10 years refining her blondie recipe that was inspired by a childhood flavor memory of a pecan praline candy an older lady at her parents’ church gave her. When she finally captured that flavor and its related spirit of generosity in a decadent blondie topped with pecans and salted caramel, she filled 500 orders in Blondery’s first holiday season. Blondery now has hundreds of regular customers including clients such as Bloomingdale’s, Netflix and Salesforce.
Auzerais’ tight focus on four core flavors with rotating seasonal flavors allows her to maintain exceptionally high quality standards. Every batch of bite-sized blondies starts with the butterscotch base characteristic of blondies and contains carefully-sourced ingredients like pecans from a third-generation family farm in Texas, King Arthur Flour, Guittard chocolate and free-range eggs.  
Blondery’s process reflects the tone of a professional pastry kitchen where a dish towel is always a towel, never a rag, and attention to detail is de rigueur. “Many fail to understand why some people are attracted to fine dining. Why would you want to work in that environment? It wasn’t a very nurturing environment but your standard for everything improves,” Auzerais says. 
Auzerais is a lifelong advocate for social change and recently donated half the proceeds from her Brooklyn Blackout Blondies to the 
Equal Justice Initiative
 as part of the nationwide 
Bakers Against Racism
Thank you to professional photographer Sheri Silver for donating your time and talent providing the photos for this business.